Benefits of beer for women

Drinking Beer is considered a taboo in a number of countries including India. Some people think that if they take even one shot of beer, they would become addicted. But this is not the case in other countries. Beer is regarded as a part of food and its consumption is considered normal.

According to the study, the beer is better than water in hydrating the body. Beer contains 95% water and this also provides a number of anti-oxidants such as flavonoids that recharges the body in a wonderful way. As the Beer is prepared using different types of plants like rye, oats, barley and therefore is considered as the vegetarian drink.

What are the benefits of drinking beer for women? According to the study, the drinking of beer in small amounts can lower the level of cholesterol in your body, rise the antioxidants level and also lower the level of fibrinogen in your blood. Fibrinogen is a kind of protein that is responsible for clotting of blood.

Beer contains the yeast which in turn contains pantothenic acid and vitamin B present in the beer helps to keep the skin soft and smooth. The skin’s pH level is also maintained with the help of beer.

Alcohol had long-term health benefits

Beer is the oldest beverage and relates back thousands of years to our earliest civilizations in the world of alcoholic drink. Today, beer is popular and is currently the third most popular beverage in the world, right behind tea and water. People around the world enjoy its natural fermentation and the vast variety of ingredients used to affect and modify the taste of various beers. People have discovered in moderation that the drinking a beer is the way to stay health.


The Medical Health Benefits of Beer

It has been surveyed that if men drink around two beers in a day, they can reduce the risk of heart disease and heart stroke by 20%. In the case of women, the risk can be reduced by taking one beer a day. According to a study, drinking beer in limited quantity increases the level of HDL i.e., your good cholesterol. It helps in preventing the build-up of platelet in your arteries and also prevents clotting of blood. Also, beer contains B6 reduces the level of homocysteine. Homocysteine is a chief factor of risk of heart disease. Another study revealed that if you drink about a unit of beer every day, it would reduce 30% risk of heart disease.