How dangerous is sugar to our health?

Research shows that Americans eat sugar every year. More than half of them eat 180 pounds of sugar a year. Sugar is a significant contributor to all aspects of decay, from cancer and diabetes to arthritis and multiple sclerosis. It can be found in fruit juices, soft drinks, sports drinks, milk and processed foods.

Let’s discuss about the reasons why sugar is bad for our health?

Eating too much sugar affects all the body’s organs. Studies show that a significant cause of cardiovascular disease, sugar raises the amount of triglycerides. The immune system may also be eliminated, the ageing process accelerated and the risk of Crohn’s disease increased. People who consume too much sugar have high levels of cholesterol and high blood pressure. A research carried out in 1973 found that consuming 100 grams of sucrose decreases the activity of white blood cells for five hours.

A sugar-rich diet will increase the risk of depression and adversely affect the cardiovascular system. Research indicates that cancer and sugar intake are closely related. Cancer cell growth in both sugar and insulin fuel. Your blood sugar levels rise and go much lower when you consume sugar-rich foods. These shifts result in depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.

Beat your sugar dependency

It can take 20 years to give up sugar. If you routinely eat large quantities of sugar, it will be difficult to avoid all night. The first step in surrendering sugar is to find healthier alternatives like cinnamon sticks and dried fruits. You should also suggest rich protein snacks such as cheeses and nuts that minimize cravings and last longer.

blood sugar levels

Tooth degradation

Sugar feeds mouth-living bacteria. When bacteria ingest sugar, it is a waste product that produces acid. This acid can erode tooth enamel, leading to teeth troughs or cavities.

People who eat sucrose frequently, especially between meals like snacks or sweetened drinks, are more likely to develop tooth decay. They should be well aware of the side effects of using lots of sugar in ration.

Studies have shown that sugar can be as addictive as narcotics. Although artificial sweeteners should not be in a healthy diet, they can help you get through the period of withdrawal. It takes two weeks before sugar stops from your system. Concentrate about how you feel, not what you lack. Avoid eating sugar-rich foods and fill your refrigerator with protein and complex carbohydrates for balanced foods. Try not to eat sweets for two weeks or more.