How to protect eyes from computer screen

The machine-related eye strain is a familiar complaint in the workplace, since many workers work without breaks on the device. In addition to the rooting of the eye, which can lead to swelling, dry eyes and other common irritation, extended periods on a screen can also lead to more physical stress if the environment is not arranged ergonomically. Always set up your workspace to keep your eyes and the rest of your body secure, so you will be safer and more efficient. There are a variety of steps you should take to look after your eyes so that when you get home after work you won’t feel anxious and tired.

eyes get dry

Tips to protect eyes from computer screen

First of all, make sure your workspace is set in a way that cares for your eyes. The ambient level of light must be low and dim without any light. Keep windows on your side, excluding straight ahead or behind, in order to reduce your glare. Adjust the luminosity of your computer screen to look after your eyes; the brightness of your screen must fit the normal light level of the room without being too bright or even dim.

During the working day, search for your eyes from the computer screen to a distance about every 10 minutes. You have to make a full break every half hour, walk from the machine and stretch yourself. This will take care of your eyes and body; avoid slumping to bad wearing that could lead to back pain and repetitive stress damage. For taking care of eyes while working on computer, make sure to blink regularly, and use artificial tears or eye drops when your eyes get dry.

eye test

You can also look after your eyes if you work full time with computers by obtaining an annual eye test. During the exam, an optometrist will check your eyes health and explore ways to care for your eyes in the workplace. For example, you can need a special computer glass prescription. A regular eye test will also early detect extreme optical health issues.