Is vaping bad for your health?

The key difference between vaping vs smoking lies in the processing of the two compounds. A material must be combusted to create smoke (usually incomplete combustion). On the other hand, a vapour is created if a material is vaporised, simply heating a liquid until it becomes vapour.

Smoking can also be described as the process of inhaling and exhaling a cigarette puff. The puff is generally inhaled through the mouth and extended through the mouth or nose, with large quantities going through and into the lungs of the smoker. The vapour bumps on a vapour unit, often called an e-cigarette, and then breathes out the vapour.

In both cases the consumer receives smoke and vapour and the question arises: are there actual difference between vaping and smoking? Let’s find out.

Popular differences between smoking and vapour

Safety and Wellbeing

Smoking is thought to be harmer than vaping, which is why most experts suggest that lifelong smokers who fail to give up their habit vaping. Tobacco itself is not a really dangerous compound. However, when it is heated, adverse effects occur.

When you smoke tobacco, the burning process is known as incomplete burning. A material burns in a small supply of oxygen in incomplete combustion, resulting in toxic by-products. When you see smoke coming out of a fire, you can tell when there is incomplete combustion.


Smoking is often distinct from smoking in terms of the process of delivery. Smoking typically uses concentrate or dried plant components. The dried pieces are extracted and smoked by cigarette rolls, tubing or bongs.

tobaccoVaping uses primarily steam juices, also known as steam oils or e-liquids. These liquids are bought separately from the vaporizer. This ensures that you have more power over ingredients and their individual quantities that you would like to vaporise.

Another common misconception about smoking and vaping is that smoking includes nicotine, while vaping does not involve smoking. This is not true. Vaping and smoking both include nicotine. In reality, the nicotine allows smokers and vapers to become accustomed. The difference is that smoking provides nicotine through combustion, while vaporization supplies vaporization to the compound.


The cost of tobacco is much cheaper than a vaporizer. Smoking cigarettes can therefore seem more affordable than smoking vapours. However, you can buy vapour starter kit (mostly a one-off order) and e-liquid oil without shelling out more cash for weeks.